By Multi International Award Winning Master Nail Artist Amanda Griffiths, she provides many specialised Nail Treatments for any type of nails, she is also the ‘Decal Diva’ providing fun and incredible nail art – always a talking point!

Natural Nails

Gel Polish services include thorough prep making skin looking pretty and smooth and nails ready for application.

Gel Polish 1 Colour£25.00
Gel Polish Multi Colours/French/Art£30.00
Hard Gel Overlay (Superior Strength)£38.00
Gel Polish Removal £12.00


Easibuild is a Builder Gel in a Bottle which gives strength to the nails. It can be worn in a layer underneath Gel Polish colour or worn alone to provide colour and structure to the nails. It comes in a few different colours from sheer to slight cover to hide any imperfections on the nail plate.

Easibuild Overlay £32.00
Easibuild Infill 3 weeks + £30.00
Easibuild Overlay with 1 colour Gel Polish£36.00
Easibuild Overlay with French £38.00
Easibuild Removal & Tidy £14.00

Nail Extensions

Hard Gel
Full Set with Gel Polish £50
Infills with gel polish £45
Removal & New Set £58
Repair per nail £4

Full Set with Gel Polish £42
Infills with gel polish 3 wks £38
Removal & New Set £50
Repair per nail £3.50

Extreme Nails XXL
Stiletto/Gothic Almond Full Set £65 inc gel polish
Stiletto/Gothic Almond Full Set – Glitter encapsulated – £75