Treatment Overview

This luxurious treatment uses a blend of natural ingredients carefully combined to produce an invigorating exfoliation treatment leaving skin soft with a beautiful glow. Perfect for making you Holiday ready or just a relaxing exfoliation treatment. Leaves skin glowing and free of dead skin cells.


You will have a cleanse with our Clinicare Cleansing Foam, then we apply the exfoliant, a gritty lotion designed to get rid of dead skin cells that could otherwise clog up pores and cause spots and excess grease. These gritty bits should feel slightly rough against the skin but not painful as not everyone enjoys the same sensations. These ingredients are mixed with a soothing lotion with added aroma to make your skin smell nice and feel smooth afterwards. The lotion is removed and we then massage in a Moisturising Lotion to smooth and nourish the skin.


Full Body – arms legs torso £110
Full back £35
Shoulders Only £25
Legs £35
Arms £25


Please note that this treatment is not recommended if you have any of the following:

  • a fever
  • sunburn
  • contagious skin condition
  • cancer