The Treatment

This gorgeous Classic facial consists of a Cleanse containing botanical extracts to gently remove impurities, unnecessary sebum and make-up. It leaves skin soft and product free. Next comes the exfoliation process with the Instant Painless Peel which gently exfoliates to unclog blocked pores and remove the top layer of dead skin cells. We use a HYAL+ Skin Toner which contains a very high concentration of low molecular weight Hyaluronic acid, to deeply hydrate and plump the skin.

The skin is then nourished with either the 2in1 Ceramide Gel Mask which is perfect for mature skin , improving the elasticity, strengthening the skins moisture retaining capacity and encourages skin cell rejuvenation; or the 2in1 Vitamin C Gel Mask dry/damaged skins which is ideal for problem skin such as hyperpigmentation, acne or smokers.

We protect your skin with the lightweight Lip & Eye Renewal Cream which helps reverse the multiple signs of ageing around these two delicate areas. Low molecular weight Hyaluronic acid together with Squalene which optimises hydration, minimises sensitivity,
increases elasticity, and protects against environmental damage. Finally our Sun Shield Cream (SPF30) provides effective all day protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays, thanks to its 13 hour formula.

The Cost

£35 1 Treatment
£85 3 Treatments

Treatment Plan

We recommend this treatment to be taken once a week for 3-4 weeks then once a month to keep up the results.

To optimise and maintain skin health between treatments, we recommend the CLINICCARE daily home care regime.